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Review of See How She Awakens by Michelle Graves

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See How She Awakens: The Chronicles of Izzy 4
By Michelle Graves


The Seer has fallen, yet the prophecy remains.
The World will burn, unless the Seer is Awakened.

Izzy is lost to the void, doing everything within her power to forget the past two years of her life, when a voice calls out to her from the fog. Aberto begs for her to return while Kennan's voice implores her to remember. Everything within her is telling her to stay in the void, but then Aberto tells her the one thing powerful enough to pull her from oblivion, Molly is dying.

What awaits Izzy on the mortal plane is more terrifying than she could've imagined. The darkness is on the rise and no one seems to see it, or they don't want to admit to the truth. With the darkness more powerful than ever, Izzy must find a way to push the past behind her and protect her loved ones, even if it means losing herself forever.

Will Izzy fall to the darkness or will she finally discover who she was always destined to be? Find out what happens when the Seer finally Awakens.

This is the final book in The Chronicles of Izzy. The story starts off with Izzy still wandering in the void. In her eyes, it's a haven for her, where she can still have an attachment with Kennan. What Izzy doesn't know is that she didn't end the darkness when she fell, as she had thought. To top it off, the void is taking an awful toll on her.  As her friends try to reach out to her and bring her back, she finds herself sinking further in. To make matters worse, her best friend Molly is also paying a hefty price while trying to reach her. Izzy needs to find her way back and figure out a way to end this madness once and for all. Will the change that has occurred in Izzy be too much to overcome to accomplish her task? Can her friends get through to her to and make her see that she's not alone in all of this? Will she be strong enough to finish and make it through unscathed?

There have been a lot of twists and turns in this series to lead us to the final instillation. I can honestly say that I am very sad to see it end. This book built up the anticipation for sure. There were a few twists that I didn't see coming. I like the depth of the characters, especially Aberto. His faith and dedication to Izzy are unyielding. I think we all want someone that is invested in us as he is with Izzy. I appreciate the character growth we see in Izzy. There were few things that I didn't absolutely love. The first part of the book is a bit slow and repetitive. I like the fact that there was an epilogue, but with it happening so far in the future, I would've like to see a little more of what happened with the characters and progression of their relationships. It didn't really detract from the story though. I was certainly emotionally attached to the characters, and there were tears shed. All in all, it was a great book that I read it in one sitting. I will definitely be on the look out for anything else that I can get my hands on from this author.
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