Saturday, January 10, 2015

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Face the Music: A Dauntless Indies Anthology

By Brandy L. Rivers, Felicia Tatum, Sarah M. Cradit, Michelle Graves, Michele Breaux-Rowley

Face the Music is a collection of stories that center around a music and arts festival in Seattle, called Bumbershoot, that features local up and coming talent. Interestingly, Bumbershoot is a real event that you can attend in the Emerald C...ity. This anthology has a little bit for everyone from humor, paranormal, to romance. Some of the stories might be a bit hard to follow if you haven't read previous work from some of the authors.

Unbound Adventures - A White Aura Short by Felicia Tatum: I did like this story about hybrid vampires, though there were a few discrepancies in the storyline. It's not one that I had to have read previous books by the author to understand.

Red Queen, an Others of Seattle short by Brandy L. Rivers: I really enjoyed this paranormal with a steamy kick. I appreciate that the whole story was fleshed out. While I have read and enjoyed a few other books by this author, it wasn't necessary in understanding this story.

Trouble with Partners, the Misadventures of Maggie Moore 2 by Michelle Graves: This one was my favorite in the anthology. Poor Maggie is just an accident waiting to happen. I see a bit of myself in the main character. This one was another full story that doesn't need other books read to let you know what's going on in the series. It's light and funny. I have read several other books by this author and I have enjoyed them all.

Dark Blessing: A Crimson and Clover Lagniappe by Sarah Cradit: I didn't enjoy this one quite as well as I did the others. It wasn't a full story, and it was a bit confusing at times. This is one where you will need to read more from the author to fully get a handle on what's going on. It does have a cliffhanger ending, so you will need to read more to find out what happens with the characters.

A Case of Possession, An Aiden and Idonie Adventure, by Michele Breaux-Rowley: This paranormal short gives you just enough to pique your interest. It does give some closure, but you will need to read more to find out what else happens with the characters. I liked this one as well.

Overall, I did enjoy this anthology, and I will be seeking out more work from several of these authors.

*I was given a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.



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